About Zoff's Greenhouses

Merging local craftsmanship with innovation for the ultimate gardening experience on Vancouver Island.

Greenhouses with Heart and Heritage

Founded on Vancouver Island by Ken and Joan Marzoff, Zoff’s Greenhouses are a testament to enduring craftsmanship and keen gardening insight. Today, under Todd Marzoff’s guidance, our greenhouses continue to merge traditional design with modern needs, offering robust, custom-built structures made from locally sourced yellow cedar.

Each greenhouse is a masterpiece, designed to thrive in the West Coast’s unique climate and enhance every gardener’s experience.

Exceptional Greenhouses For Exceptional Gardens

Zoff’s Greenhouses are engineered for durability and aesthetics, using custom-milled yellow cedar to withstand the West Coast’s climate while enhancing any garden’s beauty.

The Heart and Soul Behind Zoff’s Greenhouse

Todd and Faerlyn Marzoff are the driving force behind Zoff’s Greenhouses, where their combined expertise in building and urban farming transforms gardening experiences across Vancouver Island. Todd, with a rich background in craftsmanship honed over decades as a logger, founded Zoff’s Greenhouses to continue the legacy of durable, beautifully designed structures initiated by his parents. His greenhouses are built to withstand the unique climate challenges of the West Coast, focusing on sustainability and functionality.

Faerlyn brings nearly two decades of experience in urban farming and landscape design. Starting her career in the garden centers of Vancouver, she developed a passion for organic gardening and sustainable living. Together, they work to empower individuals and communities to grow their own food, enhancing self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship. Their collaboration extends beyond constructing greenhouses to creating inspiring garden spaces and community projects that provide fresh, organic produce. Each project is a testament to their commitment to quality, durability, and beauty, reflecting their deep respect for nature and the community. Through Zoff’s Greenhouses, Todd and Faerlyn continue to inspire and enable gardeners, making every space a sanctuary of growth and sustainability.

Todd Marzoff, the visionary behind Zoff’s Greenhouses, carries forward a legacy initiated by his parents, Ken and Joan Marzoff, over 40 years ago. Growing up immersed in his father’s craftsmanship and his mother’s gardening expertise, Todd developed a profound appreciation for the delicate balance between nature and structure. This foundation inspired him to design and construct greenhouses that are not only functional and durable but also aesthetically pleasing, embodying the rugged beauty of Vancouver Island.

After three decades as a logger, Todd embarked on a new journey with Zoff’s Greenhouses, driven by a desire to create something lasting and beneficial for the community. His approach to greenhouse building is deeply rooted in his blue-collar background, emphasizing integrity, hard work, and attention to detail. Each greenhouse Todd designs is built to withstand the harsh North Island conditions, reflecting his commitment to quality and durability.

Todd’s passion extends beyond mere construction; he is dedicated to enhancing the connection between people and the food they consume. He and his wife, an Urban Farmer, are advocates for sustainable living and work together to inspire others to embrace gardening and food production. Their collaborative efforts aim to empower individuals to cultivate their food, promoting self-sufficiency and a deeper understanding of environmental stewardship.

Outside of greenhouse building, Todd enjoys the outdoors, beekeeping, and helping to create inspiring garden spaces. These activities complement his professional work, allowing him to bring a holistic approach to his designs and customer interactions. Whether it’s through building custom greenhouses or engaging with the community, Todd’s goal is to make a meaningful impact, helping people to realize the potential of their own green spaces.

Todd’s journey is not just about constructing greenhouses; it’s about fostering a community of gardeners who value quality, sustainability, and the joy of growing their own food. With each greenhouse built, Todd continues to share his passion and craftsmanship, ensuring that the Zoff legacy flourishes across Vancouver Island.

Faerlyn, co-founder of Lady Faer Designs and partner in life and work with Todd Marzoff, has dedicated nearly two decades to urban farming and sustainable landscape design. Her journey began in the bustling garden centers of Vancouver, where she honed her skills and deepened her knowledge of organic gardening practices. This experience sparked a passion for empowering individuals to grow their own food and flowers, fostering a connection with the environment.

Faerlyn’s approach to urban farming is deeply personal and rooted in organic principles. She avoids chemical pesticides and fertilizers, focusing instead on integrated pest management and the natural cycles of planting and harvesting. This commitment to ecological stewardship is evident in every project she undertakes, whether it’s transforming a simple lawn into a vibrant vegetable garden or mentoring clients through the seasons of growth.

In addition to her work in urban farming, Faerlyn is an avid floral designer and tea enthusiast, which further enriches her understanding of the botanical world. Her artistic eye and deep respect for nature inform the design of both private and community gardens, making them not only sustainable but also aesthetically pleasing.

Together with Todd, Faerlyn has been instrumental in integrating greenhouses into urban and suburban settings, enhancing their functionality and beauty. Her work extends beyond individual gardens to include large community projects that provide fresh, organic produce to local residents. Through these initiatives, she not only contributes to food security but also educates and inspires her community.

Faerlyn’s vision for urban farming goes beyond mere cultivation; it’s about creating spaces that nurture the soul and foster community. Her dedication to teaching and her passion for sustainable living continue to influence many, as she works alongside Todd to build a greener, more self-sufficient future.